Muhammad und der Ruf des Himmels. Das Leben des Propheten.

Khadijah entered the room and said her greetings, as politely and calmly as always – or so it seemed. Her Uncle Waraqah though, whom the eternal dark of his blindness had taught how to distinguish the sounds and odours of the world, perceived at once how agitated she really was. He sensed that something extraordinary must have happened to her husband Muhammad …It all begins in Mecca, an important city for caravan trade in Arabia and also the pilgrimage destination for many idolators. A climate of cruel tribal traditions prevails as well as the law of the strongest. Muhammad, who is born there, soon develops a strong dislike of these conditions. Then he is chosen by God to deliver the message of the one God and to bring about peace between people. However, he meets with the powerful tribal leaders‘ opposition, and soon events come to a head…The story of Prophet Muhammad’s life was  written according to old tradition as regards content but uses a modern narrative form: different persons tell parts of the story each from their own perspective, which not only brings to life the outer events but also the persons‘  inner experiences, fears and hopes. (Recommended from 12 to 99 years)


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Faridah Busemann




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