Fatima Aksoy

Fatima Sabine Aksoy was born in Lüneburg, Germany, in 1959. She studied graphic design at Alsterdamm Art School in Hamburg. From 1982-1987 she worked as an art director at several advertising agencies in Hamburg. Since 1987 Fatima has worked freelance in the fields of design, illustration and calligraphy.
She converted to Islam in 1991 and has travelled and lived in several Eastern countries since.

Felicitas Hahn

Felicitas Hahn was born in Gardelegen in 1974. She has a degree in geography and is a trained aroma therapist. Due to her great interest in painting and book design, she attended several classes with different artists in Dessau, Halle and Freiburg. She is particularly interested in Islamic art and ornamentation.

Sylvia Knebel

Sylvia Knebel was born in (East) Berlin in 1976, where she studied history at Humboldt University and German philology at Free University, and finished a teacher training in fine arts and aesthetics at Berlin University of the Arts. Having moved to Freiburg, she completed her teacher training in art and German at Pädagogische Hochschule. She now works as an illustrator and does paintings on commission, specialising in dreamlike children’s rooms.

Karine Lombardo

Karine Lombardo was born in 1968 in Perpignan (France), where she attended the art academy. Since 1998 she and her husband have lived in Bad Dürkheim, Germany. As a freelance artist she creates paintings and portraits upon request and is also active as a teacher. She designs walls of kindergartens and children’s rooms with colourful concepts.